We invite you to the royal apartments, where you can enjoy unique experiences among steam, colors, warm baths, tropical storms, cool mist, fragrances and music. Like a King and Queen, enjoy the following treatments which intensify the sense of euphoria and rejuvenation, combining three separate treatments.



Royal Experience: The quintessence of the senses for kings and queens, which starts with the Sweet Spa and continues with the Sweet Sauna for a complete detox experience. Refresh yourselves with a light body exfoliation based on pomegranate and conclude your journey with a relaxing massage with essential oils.

Palatial Experience: The comforts of a palace worthy of you. Enjoy the use of the Sweet Sauna and afterwards, the deep exfoliation with carob scrub will remove the dead cells. Following the use of the Sweet Spa, the skin is ready for a toning massage with essential oils and a complete face treatment.


The Princess and The Prince: A princely experience that will relax the body and calm the spirit. The treatment includes the use of all the water facilities of the suite, while the experience is completed with a body massage with a skin nurturing and smoothing cream and a hydrating facial treatment, leaving you with a feeling of total refreshment.

Premium and Private: Enjoy a unique one-hour experience in the SPA SUITE ANAX & ANASSA which offers sauna and steam bath with essential oils in four different programs, a private area for relaxation and the use of the private pool, for a unique revitalization ritual.


Spa System is the appropriate method for the correct use of the facilities and the equipment, in order to achieve maximum pleasure and wellness. Knowing the main expectations of our visitors, we have created, in collaboration with a team of doctors specializing in spas, four different routes.

Each path follows the appropriate course to achieve the desired result, while providing important information regarding hygiene and the suitable amount of time to spend in the wet area, maximizing the benefits for the user.

  • RELAX – For relieving stress
    Promotes a slow and gradual relaxation of the body
  • TONIC – For revitalizing the organism
    Promotes physical toning by improving muscle tone
  • PURIFY – For restoring balance
    Promotes the elimination of impurities
  • EXCITE – For restoring vigor
    Promotes a sensation of renewed vitality