VIP services begin before you arrive. The Nana Princess pre-arrival service tailor-makes each experience to suit your personal desires.  The Guest Relations Team are here to make all of the arrangements for you so that all you need to do is enjoy your holiday. We believe in offering the highest level of services to each and every guest, from morning to night, from arrival to departure.

Panellenic Airlines

Your new Luxury Flight Experience

Fly in comfort and style and arrive at Nana Princess comfortably and safely with Panellenic Airlines ,the latest addition to the Karatzis Group of Companies ,in the Luxury Private Jet sector.

Immerse yourself in a world of stylish exclusivity from takeoff to landing and enjoy a range of tailor-made VIP services ,including luxury ground transportation ,a gourmet inflight menu,
fine wine selection and drinks of your choice and private lounge access at Heraklion Airport.

Whether you are flying for business or pleasure ,for a Family getaway or a romantic escape ,we are here to take care of every detail , offering an experience that’s out of the ordinary.!

We fly to a range of European , U.K and Middle East destinations ,with a large fleet of aircrafts and helicopters available ,with a crew of dedicated pilots and attendants.

All services follow world-leading safety protocols and we operate according to the highest safety and training standards.

To learn about the full range of our high-end services and take advantage of the benefits we offer for a combination of flights and accommodation in Nana Princess ,
please feel free to contact us at [email protected] or [email protected] or call us at 0030.2810.382915.

Panellenic Airlines – Fly with confidence!


Everyone likes to travel in style and arrive at their destination unruffled and relaxed. That is why private limousine services are available for all of our guests on request. On arrival at the airport in Crete, our limo services will be there to collect you and navigate you straight to your waiting vehicle without any hassle or fuss. The experienced chauffeurs are there to give you a sleek and smooth drive to Nana Princess, while you sit back and enjoy all the comforts of a prestigious limo. During your stay you can get to any destination discreetly and conveniently while we ensure you totally enjoy the ride.


Helicopter Private Services Ltd. has soared from small beginnings to reach heights that include all your flight requirements in both helicopter and private aircraft.

We offer high quality aviation services, ensuring safety, speed and comfort.
Helicopter travel is the fastest developing mode of transport in the world.

Our ability to carry passengers quickly to even the most inaccessible places makes helicopters the most attractive solution for every type of transport need.