Guests can allow themselves to be pampered by the professional hair and make-up team of Nana Princess, who are ready to create a new look or refresh an existing one. They can enjoy a full range of haircare treatments suited to individual needs using products inspired by the therapeutic properties of plants.

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The natural haircare line of the leading Italian brand MEDAVITA is used to achieve perfect professional results. Its Lotion Concentrée range of hair and scalp treatments contains essential oils and pure extracts of plants and roots like cinnamon, aloe, arnica, nutmeg, ginger and rosemary. Soothing and restorative therapies for men and women offer truly effective, healthy results. All lengths of hair will benefit from MEDAVITA’S unique Amino Concentrée range of products which focuses on nourishing each and every strand.

Guests can choose from a selection of shampoos, masks, gels, waxes or spray and enjoy the benefits of the following treatments after consultation with our expert team.

  • Full Therapy Lotion Concentrée
  • Full Therapy Lotion Concentrée (Homme)Full Therapy Puroxine
  • Full Therapy Requilibre
  • Full Therapy Velour
  • Reconstructive Beta Refibre
  • Volume Therapy Hairchitecture
  • Colour Shine Luxviva
  • Straightening and Smoothing Lissublime
  • In addition, a variety of complete hair and scalp treatment packages are available upon request
  • Bouncy Curls Curladdict