At Nana Princess exciting moments for the entire family are yours to enjoy to the fullest! If you are looking for some mood-boosting adventure look no further than Nana Water Park.

Discover a world of aquatic fun full of impressive slides, twisty rides, family friendly splashing pools and raging river rapids expertly located within Nana Golden Beach and with free access for the hotel's guests. Even the most demanding of thrill-seekers are guaranteed to have a blast!


  • Space Bowl
  • Black Hole
  • Aquatube Slide
  • Hill Slide
  • Body Slide
  • Multi Slide


  • For thrill seekers, the Hill Slide is the ultimate ride! This breathtaking attraction offers the highest level of ride performance and provides a unique experience full of fun for all guests.
  • As the name suggests, there are no mats or tubes on Body Slide and passengers sit or lie directly on the surface of the slide. Put simply, a wet playground slide.
  • The Multi Slide is one of the favourites at Nana Water Park. This water slide consists of several lanes and forms a course where children can compete side by side. Don't miss the chance to experience these unforgettable attractions at Nana Water Park!
  • And for our younger guests, there is also a selection of Toddler Slides.


  • Space Bowl: This circular, bowl-shaped slide provides a fast-paced ride through open or closed sections. You slide down entire circular sections.
  • For an unforgettable experience in complete darkness, Black Hole is the perfect choice. The ride includes a series of twists and turns that will make even the toughest thrill seekers shiver!
  • The Aquatube slide is another fast-paced slide. The addition of visual and auditory effects creates a visual harmony you will never forget. Don't miss the chance to experience these unforgettable attractions at Nana Water Park!