Nana Tennis

Whether you come for a vacation camp with your club or for a season preparation with your team,
we are at your disposal with all our knowledge and experience.

We offer training camps for club players, club teams, young tennis talents, and of course active tournament players.

Groups can arrive with their own coaches and use our facility for their camp,

If they need coaches to complement their coaching team, we will of course provide one or more from our team.


We help you to recognize your game and use it properly. The training is adequately tailored to the player, so that the individuality of the player is preserved and his full potential is realized, we learn to work hard, to deal with stress and to strengthen the emotional and physical balance.

With us you will learn to actively shape your game, anticipate early and react correctly, we will show you how to properly apply game strategies and increase your physical and mental strength, we will help you reach your full potential, gain confidence and self-esteem on the court and improve your overall performance as a tennis player.

We offer 30 years of coaching experience in professional tennis and a team of top coaches, you will receive dynamic high performance tennis training, our team will get the most out of your skills, we will improve your technique, show you how to play more efficiently and give you a professional game orientation.

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To successfully play competitive tennis, the techniques of a recreational player are not enough. For top performance, it is crucial to receive advanced technical education in order to think tactically and efficiently strike the ball in accordance to the player’s skills.

With over 30 years experience in competitive tennis, we train and accompany players in regional and international competitions. At Nana Tennis, players learn to work hard and manage their emotional and physical balance under stress. All our training programmes are specifically designed for each student, tailored according to their needs.