We invite you to the royal apartments, where you can enjoy unique experiences among steam, colors, warm baths, tropical storms, cool mist, fragrances and music. Like a King and Queen, enjoy the following treatments which intensify the sense of euphoria and rejuvenation, combining three separate treatments



Mysterious Crete: Exotic massage with the most precious spice (saffron). Its delightful scent, color, texture and antioxidant action are combined with exclusive stretching movements performed with a silk scarf. 50 min

Mediterranean Candlelight: An authentic massage with golden drops of warm melted wax that melt on the whole body. Choose among lavender, olive or citron that calm the mind and hydrate the body. 50 min

Princess Massage: The ultimate luxury! Enjoy a pleasant massage with gemstones: Amethyst, rhodochrosite, malachite, diamond and trace elements. Their unique nutritive, hydrating and refreshing properties create the most wonderful environment for relaxation. 50 min

Hot Lava: SThe massage techniques are combined with the properties of the volcanic stones and the essential oils. The hot stones are placed in specific places of the body, releasing the accumulated energy from the chakras, while they offer a feeling of total harmony, wellbeing and serenity. 50 min

Aromatherapy Massage: Come to the
world of senses and aromas, where time stops and a unique journey
begins. The relaxing massage is ideal for the treatment of chronic
fatigue, insomnia and depression. It improves blood circulation,
oxygenating the cells. 50 min, 80 min

Deep Tissue: In this particular
massage, intense pressure is applied to all deep muscle groups. This
technique results in the relaxation, not only of the surface muscles,
but of all the muscle groups and connective tissues. 50 min

Anti-Cellulite: When the connective
tissue loses its elasticity and the skin has an orange peel appearance,
the special massage movements offer immediate, visible results. 30 min

Full Back Side: In less than an hour, all tension is removed from the body and your mood is instantly boosted. 40 min

Back-Neck-Shoulders: Choosing this particular massage is an effective step towards relieving and breaking down knots in these areas. 30 min

Heavenly Head: This head massage helps in treating head aches, migraines and neck problems effectively. The heavenly combination of the massage with the warm water and the wonderful aroma of the soap makes this treatment an experience no one should miss. 30 min

Couples Massage: An experience for two you should offer yourselves and your loved one. Enjoy an aromatherapy massage under the lights of candles, in the special rooms designed for two persons! 50 min, 80 min

King Olive Massage: Enjoy an
extraordinary relaxing massage with Cretan olive oil and feel its
softening, hydrating and antiseptic properties on your body. It offers
your skin unique hydration and glow! 50 min, 80 min

Pregnancy Massage: Massage during
pregnancy is a great supplementary choice for the prenatal care. It
constitutes a healthy way of reducing stress and promoting wellbeing. 50