Before applying each treatment, the qualified staff will perform a skin analysis of your face using the special machine “Professional Beauty Diagnosis



Global Anti-Age: A complete anti-aging treatment, based on epigenetics. It restores the skin’s rejuvenation and defense mechanisms, while it fills, hydrates and smooths the face. 50 min

Total Lift(IN)g: An ideal treatment for skins in need of volume and density. The firmness of the skin is restored, while achieving an oblique and horizontal lifting with immediate results. 50 min

No More Wrinkles: A wonderful treatment for the elimination of wrinkles. It contains special ingredients which are applied with an exclusive lifting massage. The production of collagen and elastin is increased and the wrinkles are filled in naturally. 50 min

O2 For You: Suitable for ages over 25, for skins that need activation and boosting of their defense against premature aging and the polluted atmosphere. Its special formula immediately reinforces cellular oxygenation and the skin is detoxified and revitalized. 50 min


Vitamin C Power: Enriched with vitamin C derivatives and extract from the Japanese plum Ume, this treatment constitutes the most powerful weapon against premature aging. The skin radiates and appears smooth, shiny and rejuvenated. 50 min

Hydra-Cure: Prevents dehydration and moisturizes the skin from the inside out and vice versa. It contains hyaluronic acid for immediate and long-lasting hydration. 50min

Eyes in Flames: A fast and effective solution which immediately acts on the lines and expression wrinkles in the sensitive area of the eyes. Dark circles are removed, the contour is reshaped and the skin becomes softer instantly. 30 min

Men’s C+ Energy: A treatment suitable for men suffering from signs of fatigue. Enriched with vitamin C, birch sap and trace elements, the skin is immediately rejuvenated, fills with energy and glows. 50 min