You feel like you're floating on the clouds. These body treatments are performed in the embrace of the warm water of Nuvola, without being in direct contact with it. The sense of gravity is lost, while the special color therapy system puts the body and the mind in a state of complete relaxation.



Slimming Trilogy: An innovative treatment, with a strong action against fat accumulation. A super concentrated formula which helps in reducing orange peel effect. Moreover, it enhances microcirculation and toxin removal. The treatment includes exfoliation, body wrap and a special massage.

Supreme Lift Τherapy: This triple lift therapy starts with a special fat reduction massage, continues with a body wrap and is concluded with a lift massage performed with the use of a special tool and collagen cream. Optimal results, immediate lift.

Phyto Care: A complete body therapy that promises a rejuvenating experience, including massage with baobab oil, exfoliation with natural sea salt and toning with a nourishing body milk. The combination of natural oils gives the skin elasticity and contributes to the reduction of stretch marks, making it ideal for pregnant women.


Gold Therapy: Prestige and elegance based on “Sea Gold”. The luxurious and anti-aging body wrap revitalizes the skin, while the gentle massage that follows covers the body in a thin layer of gold. The skin radiates and glows with discrete gold glitter.

Sea Wealth: Body wrap with seaweed and natural salt. It contributes to weight loss and detoxification, as it is rich in inorganic salts, vitamins, trace elements and iodine.

Silk Touch: A luxurious therapy that provides the body with silk proteins. This unique body wrap moisturizes in depth, offering a new, smooth look and silky touch.

Black Mud Wrap: Mud from the depths of the sea of Brittany, rich in sea mineral salts and trace elements. It rejuvenates and cleanses the skin, providing, at the same time, all the basic substances lost due to the everyday activities and stress.