Tailoring a wellness experience to every guest’s zodiac sign is a way of adding a personal touch to each treatment whilst targeting points which may benefit from special care. Every zodiac sign has specific focal points which may be particularly sensitive and should be aimed at a successful wellness treatment.


Focusing on the head and eyes could be particularly beneficial.
Wellness treatments: Eyes in Flames, Icy Pleasure and Heavenly Head


Psychosomatic issues and tension in the neck and face should be targeted; aromatherapy is also an ideal option.
Wellness treatments: Vitamin C Power, Aroma of Palace, Back-Neck-Shoulders


Benefits could be gained from focusing on the shoulders, arms, hands, lungs, nervous system and skin, as well as engaging in Reiki.
Wellness treatments: Full Back Side, King Olive Massage, Hands Feet & Scalp Liberation


This star sign is known to exhibit sensitivity in the stomach area.
Wellness treatments: Mediterranean Candlelight, After-Sun Soothing, Aroma of Palace


Points of focus should be the heart, arteries, upper back and backbone.
Wellness treatments: Back-Neck-Shoulders, Deep Tissue, Mysterious Crete


There may be sensitivity in the digestive tract and skin, or psychosomatic issues to hone in on.
Wellness treatments: Princess Massage, Silk Touch, Roses Royal Ambrosia


This star sign may experience sensitivity in the kidneys or lower back.
Wellness treatments: Hot Lava, Full Back Side, Heavenly Head


Focal points can be the base of the spine as well as the genital organs.
Wellness treatments: Black Mud Wrap, Minoan Signature, Hot Lava


This star sign may benefit from a sciatica-related treatment or hold tension in the buttock and thigh areas.
Wellness treatments: Chocolate Temptation, Full Back Side, Baobab Ceremony


Sensitivity may be present in the stomach, bones and tendons.
Wellness treatments: Gold Therapy, Ariadne’s Signature, Hydra-Cure


This star sign could enjoy treatments that focus on the feet and nervous system.
Wellness treatments: Hands, Feet & Scalp Liberation, Full Back Side, After-Sun Soothing


Digestive issues or circulatory problems may be present, so a session involving these could be beneficial.
Wellness treatments: Baobab Ceremony, Hands, Feet & Scalp Liberation, Mediterranean Candlelight